Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bio Inventory - Field Station Pond

In our continuing effort to assist Dr. Oktay in putting together a complete inventory of the fish living in the fresh water pond at the field station Jr. Rangers Orion and Raymond spent Monday doing some research (some people call it fishing) and report that science is very cool.  Here is a portion of the report Raymond wrote about that experience. 

On Monday we mostly fished in the Field station pond for sunfish also known as pumpkin seed or bluegill . we used an assortment of worms from Bill Fishers tackle we just placed the on the hook and let the sunfish do there work . sunfish are a very common species of fish on Nantucket. I learned that because fishing is a hobby of mine and I have been doing for a while.when we went I literally jumped out of my shoes . when we went we used an assortment of lures . I my self really thought that was cool the pond at the field station was originally a pond stocked with bait witch we think was because the man who owned it was a fisherman. 

Raymond M.

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