Thursday, July 18, 2013

Golden Minnow - Nicholas M.

My friends and I were just hanging around in the fish tank playing a nice game of tag. We were completely unaware of the disaster about to occur until we heard the low thudding noise. We all turned around and realized OH NO!!!!! It was the net of DOOOOOM!!!!! We all tried to swim to safety and I quickly hid behind a rock but I was too slow. The net scooped me up with one swift motion. I tried to resist as it was pulled up to the surface but it was no use. Then the nice tank that I considered home turned into bright lights and loud noises. The first thing I noticed was I had nothing to breathe so I tried to exhale the air in my lungs slowly but it came out in one fast burst. My tiny heart was beating so hard I thought it would come out.
Then I felt a rush of air and realized I was falling so this was it death by fall. Then a quick splash and I was back in water again and this water was clear and beautiful with a nice stack of rocks. I swam in circles cheering, and then I heard shhhhhhh do you want to get us killed” the whispery voice stopped and I looked into into a corner there was a small fish like me and I remembered his face. I said, “Hey you’re the fish that was scooped up two days ago” he yelled “RUNNNN!!!!” then I saw it. A huge beast with open mouth about to swallow me up I tried to run but I found myself in the dark cavern of the beast’s throat and I though “oh well survival of the fittest” GULP!!!!    

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