Friday, July 12, 2013

An Old Fashion Serial - Anjali D (Avacado)

Rollerblading Individuals
                One foggy morning, a deer fly was hungrily feasting on a deer. Luckily, the deer couldn’t swat him so he had a full meal. Once he was full, he lazily flew away from the deer and into the beyond. All of a sudden a group of rollerblading individuals came flying out of the fog. They stopped and appeared to be studying a flower in the leading individual’s hand. A hard target, thought the fly, but a good dessert. He flung himself at the rollerbladers and landed on a kid. He then started working. He knew that the kid knew he was on him and got ready for the attack by spreading out his wing to protect his body. At that moment the slap came: SLAP! But this didn’t kill him because he had cushioned the hit with his wings. Then he moved to a big man. He had heard from the other flies that he was Lenny and not to mess with him. What could he do? The fly foolishly thought as he flew over to Lenny. He started taking a chunk out of Lenny when he saw a hand and prepared for the slap. But instead of one hand, there were two! Lenny squished him so hard he thought he was going to die. Stuck under Lenny’s hand he didn’t know what to do and his head started hurting. All went black and he knew no more. 
                When he awakened, he was covered in sticky glue…


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