Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Jr. Ranger Walk This Spring

Flano follows a Deer path.

A Jr. Jr. Ranger begins her training. We call her Scary Spice.

Nicholas in search of the YoHo, doing his YoHo call.

This is a new kid (Sawyer) for now we'll call him New Kid

Jr. Rangers clean the beach.

Sonia and Flano find something cool in the wrack line while Nicholas tries not to blow away.

Great Job! Thank you Rangers!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Haiku Nature Walk Poems from The Lighthouse School

Thank you to Lindsey Toft. and her students from the Lighthouse School.  I enjoyed our Haiku Nature Walk. These poems are terrific and your group is great fun.


Water streaming fast
Running from higher places
Wind whistling through trees.
  -Hannah G.

Wind is very loud
Bringing leaves up off the ground
High up in the sky.
  -James T.

Cold, Silent, Noisy
Like a swampy circus show
It is so alive.
  -Anya M.

Wind blowing through the trees
water lapping by the pond
birds chirp in the breeze.
  --Mae B.

Wind goes through the trees
A brook flows slowly beneath
Cedar rots and falls.
  -Isaiah W.

"The Treesplosion"
Water falls on the tree
tree can't take it anymore
it explodes and falls
  -Beck B.

Depends on the cheese
It can be very tasty
Depends on the cheese.
  -Zion G.

The wind blows in trees
Blows them up with a gun shot
that sounds loud in the woods.
 -Harrison R.

Tree, wind, rain, and snow
swoosh around us coldly burr
The trees keep us warm
  -Abby T.