Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dog Days

Henry F.
Today I went for a swim, got petted and got to play ball.  It all started when some guy let me out and another dog and I ran around, wagged our tails, went swimming then we went to play with four, animals.  After that my master put me inside because the four humans were going somewhere.  During the rest of the day I saw the four of them wear funny hats that had those annoying flies that bite me.  A little bit later there was a huge crowd and I did not know what they were doing or if they were harmful so I decided to bark at them.  While my master was doing his usual walk with other the mammals I scratched myself, had some water, took a nap and chased my tail.  I also saw my other master come up, I wagged my tail because all humans like that.  After that I went and played with the humans, one had left.  They all petted me and threw balls for me to fetch.  We then went to go swimming, I got my favorite stick and jumped right in.  Two of the humans went out swimming while one played fetch with me.  He tried taking the stick from me but it did not work. I am the best at tug of war.  Later on we go back to the house because my master told us to.  Today was a typical day in my yard, just like any other.

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