Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Since last we talked

The Osprey have been busy

The AmOy's are here in large numbers.  As many as 25 or 30 in Folgers Marsh at one time.

More sand than you can shake a stick at, if that's your idea of fun.



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Field studies

Mosquito Control Specialist Emily Hibbard shows GiGi and Anjali how to sort the data she's collected.  It is pretty cool once you get into it but hearing that they'd be sorting bugs sounded like something they might not be so interested in.  5 minutes with Emily changes all that.  Emily is excited by the work she does, she makes a very strong, positive impression. The ladies leave saying bugs are fascinating and Emily is awesome. 

Swegen takes the Tuesday Jr Ranger crew of Orion, Raymond, and Clyde for a walk in the marsh. They are searching for noy's and I'm sure they found them.

Could be a good year for grapes.

What's in the flower?

Vincent and Raffe, visited the field station with their dad on Monday.  They came to look for the geocache.  They found the deer flies or should we say they found them!  Raymond, Beck, and I found these guys running for their lives from Sonia's favorite place at the FS (not) right next to Folgers marsh. We knew that they would be interested in our deer fly hats  We chatted a bit and we invited them back on Tuesday to take a walk with us.  

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Marsh Paddle 7/15

We launched just below the lab.  Anjali in the red, two seat kayak, Sonia and me in the new yellow two seat kayak.  Sonia has the camera today, I ask her to take some good shots of the marsh.  She says "it's going to be difficult with all the big houses in the frame.   

She's an environmentalist.

This alien landscape is the result of the Purple Marsh Crab

Sonia set out to get a good photo of a Snowy Egret today.  I think she succeeded..

Mom and baby Osprey look on with interest.


Great Egret

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pictures for a scavenger hunt

Audobon Camp Wildwood

Camp Wildwood visit 7/11/15.  Orion and Raymond gave them a deluxe tour of the field station.

Fiddler Crabs for earrings? Yes!

Atlantic Silversides in the net.

Touring the lab

Community service is a large component of this Camps mission statement and this year they served as Adjunk to the Nantucket Clean Team and cleaned Polpis Rd. from 180 to the Life Saving Museum.

Why You Buggin'?

Friday, July 10, 2015

I Don't Know by Orion D

Idling thinking about life
Discovering things in my mind that I never knew 
Oh the things you learn
Not inside nor outside
Thinking thinking about 
Knowing what to do 
Not knowing what to do
Or maybe just not doing anything
Writing we are steps away from knowing everything 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7/8/15 Avacado and Seeweed

Anjali and Sonia
Started the day with a test on your knowledge of the Beatles
12 for 12
not bad.

Anjali on the camera. Can you name the butterfly?


Correctly ID the grass, win a Ranger patch.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


GiGi is back and continuing with her plant studies.  I'm thinking she might write the next great Jr. Ranger book. 

Today was the annual emptying of the crab traps of all the collected man crap that washes up here over the winter.  Flip Flops,Gatorade plastic and other detritus we can all be proud of. 

Was that sarcasm?

What d'ya think?

Stay classy Nantucket

Thursday, July 2 by Clyde K.

          Orion, Raymond, and I were the only Junior Rangers at the Field Station. We were in the water almost all day! In the tidal inlet, we found 2 blue crabs, a male and a female. They were clawing at each other and Raymond had to separate them. The male one lost an arm to the female’s pincher.

Next, we went kayaking. Orion went in a 1-person kayak, and Raymond and I took a 2-person kayak. We picked a yellow two seater, but there was a little gray mouse running around inside! Lenny dumped it out and I decided it was safe to go in.

We pushed them into the pond and jumped in. We played a game in which Orion, Raymond, and I took turns chasing and capturing each other. I was Raymond’s “lieutenant”.

Then, we helped lead a tour. Three kids named Sam, Will, and Aiden came for the tour. Sam and Will are brothers, and I go to school with Aiden. Then, we tried to seine with no luck. We tried in the inlet and beach, but still caught almost nothing. We caught a few Silversides and Killifish, though. To get back out, we went through the marsh. The people on the tour left afterwards.

Finally, we ate Italian Ice and went to the beach until our parents came.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Raise the Jolly Roger!

                                                Today 7/2/15 we'll talk like pirates

The crew Raymond (wide brimmed hat) Orion (blue cups on his hat) Clyde (red cups on his hat) take Will and Sam from Rhode Island to collect some samples of the wild life in the harbor. Answer the question of the day - Why do Orion and Clyde have colored cups on their heads?

Found some fish and shrimp.

Lots of Hermit Crabs

We seined 

We watched a master

Saw a bunch of these bad boys

A very good day. Arrgghhh!