Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alien Invasion

Henry F.
Field Station Under Close Watch
Beeep, Beeep, Beeep! I open my eyes and I realize that today is the day I have been waiting for but shoot I am going to be late good thing my alarm woke me up.  I rush downstairs grab some nectar and rush out the door.   I run down to the P.W.S.E. which stands for the paper wasp space exploration.  My job is to go out to other planets and get information so the warrior wasps can go down and take over their planet. Only a few of usare picked we have to pass  the PWTs,  the paper wasps trial.  We are handpicked to handle tough situations.  Because some planets have huge things and weird creatures.  Before we go on the shuttle we must get briefed on our mission it is boring but we learn that the planet we are going to has oxygen in the atmosphere so we must wear helmets.  We also learn these creatures are hundreds times bigger than us so we must be careful unlike any other mission where we go in and come out the same day this might take weeks if not months.  
Two hours later after the shuttle has taken off the wasp techs inform us that it will take longer than they thought because the left jet that makes the shuttle go hyperspeed broke down.  So it will be twice as long and take up twice as much gas we might even have to land on a island 200 miles from where we were supposed to land.  The techs are crossing their fingers that they won't stop in the middle of the ocean.  Two hours later they find themselves running out of fuel on the island but nowhere near where they meant to land.  The techs think we are going to crash in the side of a building so we are ready for impact.  Who knows if we'll survive.  
One hour later I wake up after being unconscious the world around me is so large there are weird things sticking up out of ground with what looks like a protective shell it also has a weird green thing at the top.  And we are stuck in the wall.  I am the first to wake up I look around to see the debris we won't be able to leave anytime soon, whatever there is so much to record.  After everybody wakes up we start making a hive inside our shuttle it is kinda like our home.  Later on some humans come.  They go in a building they call a house and hang out.  A few minutes later two new humans arrive, I hear all of them talking.  The humans go different directions go somewhere, my boss Dr Oktay the best paper waspresearch scientist in the galaxy sends me out to go watch them.  There are lots of flowers where we go filled with nectar, I thought only our planet had nector.  After a while they gather together with new humans..  They go back to house and I report back to my boss.  A whole crowd of humans arrive.  I follow them as they go on a walk in the woods their are lots of birds I use my ray gun and kill them all.  While the walk is going on I stop for a snack of nectar to keep me alert.  We head out to this sandy place humans call a beach.  Their a child waves her hand and tries to kill me.  I narrowly avoid and think should I use my super weapon. My Super weapon is a stinger. I can take down enemies instantly but it will also rip out my insides leaving me with nothing to report to the doctor. SWAP!! Another hit barely misses me I am forced to kill myself, I am going in.  As soon as I begin my fatal attack Doctor Oktay arrives in the shuttle and takes us off of Earth.  The techs had fixed the engine and they were trying to contact me.  I did not answer so they came to find me.  We headed back home and decided to conquer this planet another day.

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