Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monday June 30 by Orion

Monday June 30 by Orion

Monday was an overcast day about 65 degrees when I got to the field station. We went down to the shop to see if we had any fishing rods so we could fish. We did but we didn’t have any bait. So we went down to a fishing store to buy some live bait, worms.

When we got back we put some chairs in the water and started fishing! After a while we used a quarter of our bait because the fish kept taking our bait off the hooks because the hooks are very big. One time, I got a big tug on my line and the little bobber went under. So I reeled it in. It was a sunfish!  Raymond and I took it off the hook and ran to the laboratory. We put the fish into the turtle tank. That was a bad idea! The turtle immediately started to attack the sunfish. There were 2 other sunfish in the tank but it was used to them. It thought the new one was an imposter. So then we had to let the fish go. After 5 minutes, I got another tug on my line. I reeled it in. It was the same exact fish! Raymond pulled it off the line and I tried to hold it but it slipped away. I put my line back out and I got another tug. You can guess what I did then, I reeled it in.  It was the same exact sunfish! I caught it 3 times. After that we didn’t catch anything else.

We went down to the marsh to catch some fiddler crabs, bigger crabs like rock crabs, spider crabs, and blue crabs.  Instead we stepped into quick sand and I sunk all the way down to my waist! Raymond helped me get out of it, he pulled me. If you don’t have help, the best thing to do is lay down and slowly inch your way out. It increases your body mass and it is like you are floating in water. After that we stayed clear of the quick sand. Then we went back into the marsh to get some pickleweed, a plant that grows there. We went back to the shop and put away our fishing stuff. Then we let Sweg out. He ran down the steps and got a stick. We threw it for him and he wanted us to keep throwing the stick. We did that for about half and hour. Sarah came over and asked us if on Wednesday we could make a tank for the sunfish. We thought that would be fun. That was a very, very fun day!

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