Monday, July 22, 2013

The Nantucket Pond Kraken by Nicholas M.

The Nantucket Pond Kraken

The Nantucket pond kraken is a very strange and elusive creature. Its habitat is the muddy ponds of Nantucket, it makes its home underneath the mud and only a single kraken each lives in a pond. Its main diet consists of the lower digits of young Homo sapiens. It has 16 tentacles and each tentacle has what looks like a snapping turtle on the end. They use these to confuse their prey.  Each tentacle has a mouth and all of them lead to the stomach of the creature. The kraken has two eyes on a tentacle that it sees out of. The nutrients in the toes it eats improve its eyesight helping it see through the mud. It gets the nutrients through the bones in the toes and the rest of the toe is just for food. The pond kraken can go years without a bite to eat making it incredibly great at going through long periods of time without food. When it eats the toes they are not digested because of its lack of stomach acid but they are sealed in cocoons by the spider like bacteria in its stomach. Once its stomach is full the stomach ejects from its body and the kraken dies but after all the years in its stomach the toes evolved into the equally elusive Nantucket yo-ho. We are busy studying the habits of the Nantucket yo-ho and will have more information later. As you can see the pond kraken is an amazing creature.

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