Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Master - Courtesy of Le Gigi

My Master

My Master! I jump, I bolt, I dash!

I’m ecstatic, chaotic and frenzied!

I dart in-between the legs of his peoples!

My Master! I crash, I smash, I roll!

Everyday new scents come and go

But there’s one scent that always stays the same…

My Master’s! I collide, I create collisions, I excite!

Everyone, from the smallest pup to the oldest fossil pets me

But I won’t sit for it.

I want

MY MASTER! Ooof. I didn’t see him there.

He moves so quietly I bump him a lot.

His mate and littermates call him Lenny,

But I call him

My Master!

My Master walks away and slowly calls my human name and waves a flying enemy.

SWEGEN! I obediently obey, but an unseen enemy wraps around my neck!

Now I can’t save him from the flying enemy.

The unseen enemy yanks me up the up-path.

My Master struggles with one end of the unseen enemy

as I struggle with the other end.

If we work together we can defeat the unseen enemy together!


My Master is mad. I don’t know why!

I think he wants to be the Alpha Male and defeat the unseen enemy by himself.

But he is not strong enough.

 The unseen enemy yanks me into My Master’s kennel and My Master has to leave me.

He will be back later to defeat the unseen enemy and then we can defeat the flying enemy together.

Slowly all of the new coming and going scents leave and I await the creek of the kennel door that means

My Master! He has come to save me! Now we go out into the field and terrorize all of the enemies.

I’m glad My Master is mine. He needs a strong Beta Male to help him because he is a weak Alpha Male.

- Le Gigi

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