Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grey - By Orion D.

HI! I am a great white shark named Grey. I live in an aquarium with my 5 friends. May the Manta Ray, Doc the sea turtle, Gel the Jelly Fish, Floater and Drifter the two-sibling plankton. One day we were in my favorite spot, the cave at the bottom of the tank. I saw a shark cage coming down with someone in it. I had the best idea. I thought we could try to attack the cage and think that we were trying to eat them so they would send us back to the ocean. We wouldn’t really eat them but pretend to attack them. So I swam up at rapid speed and grabbed the pole the lady was holding with meat on the end. I shook it and shook it and ripped the meat off. Then I went towards the cage. I bit one of the bars on the cage. They screamed and Gel came up and tried to sting her. Then the crane started to pull the shark cage up. May flapped her wings to make waves so it would be hard for the cage to get out. The brother and sister couldn’t do anything, they were plankton!

That night all of the animals met. We told them that if they wanted to get out, they should do the same thing we did. They said they didn’t want to. “They feed us,” said the turtle. We were the ones that were going to escape, or so we thought.

The next day, they dropped the meat in. I swam back up and ate it. Suddenly, we saw buoys descending around all of us and a net dragged us up. It pulled us all the way up and pushed us down into a big half pipe. They lifted the half pipe up and put it onto a truck. I couldn’t breathe! Suddenly, some people started to get little buckets of water and dumped them over my gills. That felt much better.  Then we saw where we were- an airport! The big airplanes were amazing! There was a big airplane that looked like it had been torn to pieces. There were policemen, firefighters, ambulances, and people everywhere. It looked like the plane had crashed. A policeman told the driver of the truck that there had been a crash and that we would have to go to the other side of the runway. So we drove off again to the other side of the runway. There we saw a huge FedEx plane with a crane. It was polished and new. The crane picked all of us up. When they were scooping us up back at the aquarium they accidently picked up the two plankton Floater and Drifter. The engine started to roar on the plane. We took off. I was getting hungry. I asked my friends around me if they were hungry too. Yes they all said. I wonder when they will feed us. When we get to the ocean there will be no need to wait for food. We will go around and look for food “like seals “I said, “like fish” said May, “like coral” said Doc, “like sunlight” coursed the two plankton. 

Before we knew it we were landing. We took another truck to what looked like another aquarium! Oh no! They were bringing us to a different aquarium?! The truck started to slow down and move at a snail’s pace. We were at the aquarium when it put on its blinker. It picked up another great white shark that was very big. Turns out it was my Father! Then we really wanted to get to the ocean. Everyone had his or her parents in the ocean.

The truck started to go 30=40-50-60-70 miles an hour. We saw the ocean and the truck slowed down and turned onto a bumpy road leading to the ocean. We saw a crane waiting. It picked up Dad and put him into the ocean.  Then it picked the rest of us up and put us into the water. We swam away into the gloom. 

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