Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Normal Day - by Nicholas M.

It was another normal day flying around and being a huge annoyance to the junior rangers. I had landed about seven bites and I was on a roll but then something weird happened. I saw them walk by in ridiculous looking hats. They had blue cylinders on the top covered in some weird lumps. I flew over and tried to investigate but then such a beautiful aroma hit me. I felt drawn towards the smell and I landed on the blue cup and just sat there for a while. Then I remembered I was a busy deer fly, I had things to eat and people to annoy so I tried to take off. But I could not budge from the sticky substance.

            So I sat there for a long time. I struggled and tried to escape but it was no use, the sticky stuff had captured me for sure. I couldn’t believe the junior rangers that I used to annoy so, had outsmarted me. Then I heard a voice calling out, I looked up and saw my best friend saying “what are you doing in there?”  I said to him “HELP!!! I’m stuck on this hat.” He said back “don’t worry I will get help.” So I sat for five minutes or so when I heard buzzing.  A whole army of the most elite flies the “biters” had come to rescue me. The one in front commanded all the others to attack. I knew I was saved but then the entire army of flies began to go into some kind of trance. I realized what was happening and I yelled, “no, stop!!!” but they all started plummeting into the paste and soon the entire army of biters was stuck. And that is how the junior rangers managed to catch flies while looking completely ridiculous.

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