Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Favorite Pen by Molly A.

From Molly A.

Today I lost my pen :( The day started out fine. A bit windy, but fine. My friend Avery and I biked to the Field Station, and met Lenny and Ed there. Lenny had to do something, so he sent us girls out to the Sandplain Grasslands with a camera and tripod to observe and take pictures of birds and other things we saw. We did just that for a while after Lenny left, but then we tried to angle the camera to take a picture, the tripod would not move up and down. Ed and I tried to fix it, and in the process of jiggling it a bit, a tiny little washer fell into the grass. We both stared at it a second, and then started to panic. Uh Oh.  We then spent about 15 minutes working on figuring out where the little washer went, before Avery came over and gave the tripod arm a good yank down, determining that the tripod was not broken at all and we were making a fuss over a little washer. We then tried to resume our work, but it started to sprinkle... The sprinkle turned into a quite formidable, bucket pouring storm quickly though, and we were forced to dash for the Field Station. I Was just about to start writing about this day when I realized that in my mad dash I must have dropped my pen, which happened to be a favorite pen, given to me by a friend. Of course, the only sensible thing to do, in my eyes, that moment, was run out into what had become an undeniable downpour to look for my beloved pen. I am quite loyal to things that are important to me. After about 5 minutes of retracing the steps our walk took, I was drenched though, and had not found my pen. I returned to the Station, and started to write with a foreign pen. I was quite desolate, but my tale was not over yet... After the rain cleared, Ed just happened to glance at the ground, and notice my pen just sitting underneath Lenny's grill; I had been sitting 3 feet away the entire time. So a rainbow and a found pen is the end of a story that started out quite rainy. 

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