Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creative Writing with the New School

During this school year I'll be working with the 5th grade from the Nantucket New School to create content for a book.  The books will be hand made "perfect bound" paper back books, just like Unidentified Flying Cupcakes from the Jr. Ranger program 2013.  Below is a Poem from Anjali, I responded with a poem of my own.
Len Germinara

Recipe Exchange #1

Lemon Crisp Cookies

"They feel crumbly and smushy,
It smells like lemon in a nice twisted way.
They look scrumptious, fit for a king,
The sound of tiny 'eat me!'s are emitted from the cookies.
The taste of these delicious cookies are indescribable to man kind."

                  -Avacado (Anjali)

Almond Milk Moon

I've heard the sound
of the scrumptious
Late at night
the moon full of almond milk
cats circling my feet

I wipe the crumbly sandman 
from my eyes
sit with a plate
of the thing I most appreciate
something sweet

A poem from a friend


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Warm October Afternoon

With Cranberry Festival almost upon us I wanted to send you some thoughts and images of the season.

Photo by Raymond M.

Photo by Raymond M.

Photo by Raymond M.

Raymond M.