Friday, July 12, 2013

We call her ED, Eliza Dean

Today it was humid and was about to rain. There was no wind.  It was a perfect day for feeding on the weird looking creatures, the humans. My friends and I sat on the juniper bush and waited for our tasty meal to come walking by. Soon enough a huge group of them came sauntering by us. Today something seemed off.  Usually they run by us with their heads ducked low, swatting at us, but today there also seemed to be more blue then normal. That didn't bother us at all.  I love blue, and I love biting at the highest point on the animal I'm biting. I went straight for the blue on the top of one humans head. All my other deer fly friends did to. I dug my face into the delicious human head and started sucking. Instead of warm blood, I tasted disgusting sap! Something else was off to.  None of the humans were slapping at me. This was weird...I decided to leave. I didn't like not understanding what was happening. I flapped my wings trying to take off.  I wasn't moving! I tried again, and this time I looked down, only to see my legs submerged in pine sap along with 20 other deer flies. I floundered around trying to become free only to realize it was making it worse. Suddenly I became disorientated and air streamed past my face. I was looking at 2 girls talking. One was pointing at all of us stuck in the sticky pine sap, while the other looked sad and pointed at only one deer fly stuck to the cup on her pine sap. I caught little snippets of what they were saying. Here is what I heard: "challenge, catch most, deerfly, like blue, win Italian ices." This didn't make any sense to me, for now I would focus on escaping. I thrashed and buzzed my wings again and again, trying to escape. It made me so tired that I let my eyes close for a bit.   
My eyes slowly drifted open, and I assessed my surroundings. I seemed to be in

a large, very messy garage. Suddenly I heard a scream, "help, she's poking me with a sharp stick!" I looked up, looming over me was an enormous girl. "Ahhhhh" we all screeched. She was using a stick to put us all in a blue cup. I watched helplessly as one by one my friends were scooped up and placed in a cup. My turn was approaching fast! I had to get out of here. I buzzed my wings trying to escape the sticky nightmare. It was futile, and I was getting my self more stuck. I finally had to accept that I wasn't getting anywhere. I sat back waiting for the girl to grab me with her big pointy stick. She stood over me and lowered her stick down. "This is the end!" I thought. The stick was rough and splintered against my frail wings.  I was raised out of the glue and deposited on the side of  the cup. I was still in one piece, other than being a little scratched up, I was fine! The sticky stuff was still attached to me. I slowly cleaned my wings off and buzzed, ready to take off, hoping I could still fly. My body slowly lifted up, and I was flying again! I was so overjoyed that I had missed the fate of the deer flies in the blue cup that I did a flip in the air. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the air rushing past me. I opened my eyes, and the last thing I saw was a large beak open wide and rushing towards me. And then... darkness.

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