Monday, July 8, 2013

Jerry by Nicholas M


            There once was a potted plant named Jerry. Jerry was just a normal plant doing what plants do best, photosynthesis. Although he had a perfect life on the windowsill with an owner who watered him daily Jerry wanted more in life than just that. He wanted to see the world so using all his will Jerry used his roots to climb out of the pot and walk away. When Jerry stepped out the door he heard a strange rumbling noise. He looked around the house and saw endless water and he thought “This must be the ocean my owner talks about.” He had heard other plants speak of a world of endless water but he thought it was a myth. He quickly ran over and dipped his roots in the splashing water. The water felt different from the normal stuff and was kind of tingly and then Jerry simply wilted. When his owner found him she was so devestated she had him cremated and wrote him a letter and poems and sent him out to sea.

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