Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Salt Marsh by Nicholas M.

The salt marsh is without a doubt a highlight of the field station. It has many different animals in it; some of the most notable are the crabs that live there. There is the fiddler crab that is small and makes holes in the sand for it to live in. The male fiddler crab has a small claw and a big claw while the female has two small claws. In the water you can find many decorator crabs also known as spider crabs. These crabs are masters of camouflage and decorate themselves with rocks and seaweed hence the name. The marsh is home to the blue crabs that can grow extremely big and have powerful claws. Being pinched by one of these would really hurt. The salt marsh has many different birds such as cormorants and egrets. There are two different egrets in the salt marsh. The great and snowy egrets are the egrets that make their homes here. The great egret has a yellow beak with black legs and is larger than the snowy, which has a black beak and yellow legs. The plant life in the salt marsh is also very interesting. One of the plants is pickle weed, which has a salty taste to it. The grass in the marsh was once used to feed cattle. This would be different to the cattle because of its salty taste. As you can see the salt marsh is very important in the life of animals and even people.   

Nicholas M.

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