Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to: by Henry F.

How to sein :
(seining is when two people use nets with weights at the bottom, small buoys at the top and two sticks at either end to catch fish and other creatures)
step 1.  go into a body of water with fish and other small living things.
step 2.  have a group of people gather together.
step 3.  place the seining net in the water so that the buoy floats and the weights are at the bottom  which is about three feet deep.  
step 4.   have two people hold either end of the seining net
step 5.  have the rest of the people walk with the current, towards the net; stomp and make as much noise as you can to scare the fish and other creatures in toward the seining net.
step 6.  after the people have scared the fish in the net the two people walk together keeping the bottom of the net on the ground
step 7. after you have brought the net together grab the two sticks and tilt them sideways this will make the net like a bag
step 8.  now grab the bottom and the top and start pulling it toward you
step 9.  grab the whole net and bring it somewhere where you can examine the fish

How to shave grass:
step 1.  grab the net you want to use it cannot have any holes and must be at least 10 inches in diameter
step 2.  find some grass in the water and put your net in gracefully
step 3.  put your net to the bottom then pull up and repeat 4-5 times
step 4.  now look in the net for small fish and glass shrimp

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