Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My first day as a Junior Ranger - by Ben G.

My first day as a Junior Ranger

                Lenny woke me up around 7:00 in the morning (with the help of his dog Swedgen jumping on me) so we could go get some breakfast. Lenny got us coffee and egg, cheese, and sausage sandwich. Mwah!! It was delicious. Then we headed to Squam farm…in the wrong direction. Squam farm is a property owned by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. The NCF raises chickens, turkeys, and sheep there. After getting directions, we rested in the shade next to a fence. That was until Lenny rolled onto the fence and got zapped. It looked and felt like a cloth wire which when rubbed upon by human or animal, gives shock a little bit more potent than static electricity. Then when the tourists arrived, Lenny along the way to the pens showed off things like sand wasp nests, plants and an inch worm which climbed onto my foot. Me and a fellow junior ranger Henry, really cool kid with a great sense of humor and is willing to eat anything. He also gave me a Boston crème donut with chocolate glaze two days later like he promised. Mmm. We helped answer people who had further questions. Once we got to the sheep pen, I instructed the kids to approach the sheep (who acted a lot like dogs lol) slowly and to make no sudden moves so they could pet it, before taking a boatload of pictures. We then went to see the turkeys. They act almost like velocoraptors from Jurassic park. They pounce from the bush’s to scare you, have claws and scaly skin, same sorta eyes and noises, travel in packs only difference is feathers and the fact that they’re vegetarians. We then all went home. That was my ……
First day as a Junior Ranger!!

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