Friday, August 2, 2013

Monday at the JR. Rangers

Monday Report
Nicholas M. 

This Monday at junior rangers I had a lot of fun. One of the highlights of the day was kayaking. After pushing my boat into the water I paddled along the pond sometimes stopping to look around at the birds and tall plants. Later we were given the job of setting up a trap to catch fish. We rowed out to an old birdhouse that was built in the 80’s for a sick bird and tried to place it but the rope was extremely tangled. It took us a while to untangle it but when we did we put the trap down and rowed back. When people came for the walk Raymond got to wear the bug hat. We first showed them all the basic plants like choke cherries and Saint Johns wart.
          After showing all the plants we walked down the road to the forest path. After Lenny told us whoever found the first blueberry got the special Italian ice we were both off in a flash on a quest to find the first blue blueberry. When we got to the bush I looked around and quickly grabbed a small but ripe blueberry. I had to abandon my shoes along the way but I made it to Lenny just in time. Sadly he did not really have any Italian ice. So we brought everyone down the trail picking berries while we walked along. We did not find enough for Lenny’s breakfast so I ate them instead. When we were done we went back out to check the trap. We didn’t catch a single fish, so we went back to shore and put the kayaks away. We are hoping to do better next time.
          My favorite part of the day was definitely the kayaking. What I like about kayaking is the feeling of the water pushing you. The breeze is chilly and moist which is perfect on a hot day. Then there is the feeling of rushing along through the water. I like how
I can speed through easily even though it seems like it would be difficult. The blueberries today were very sour and had a tang to them. Even though they were small they packed a lot of punch. I cannot wait until they get riper and I can go and eat them and maybe help my mom make some muffins. This is all of what I did on Monday. 


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