Friday, August 16, 2013

The Pond Kraken pt 3 By Nicholas M.

I bet you have found yourself wondering, “Where do pond krakens come from? What is there origin?” well you can wait no more because we have figured it out. The life cycle of a pond kraken is a very interesting thing. As we know the pond kraken dies right after it expels its stomach full of yo-ho’s and these yo-ho’s at one point will die. When this happens they release spores into the air. These spores then float on the winds until they are above freshwater. They can feel when they reach freshwater with tiny little hairs on them that can feel the temperature of the air. When these plummet into the water they expand to about the size of a jellybean then they drift along the water until they can release their signature scent, which is extremely enticing to snapping turtles. The snapping turtles will go crazy trying to eat these spores.

When a snapping turtle swallows one of the spores it forces itself deep into the ground for its hibernation stage. During hibernation the only part of its former self it keeps is its shell, which becomes the krakens eye. This creates extremely strange patterns on its eyes. After five months it emerges as a fully-grown pond kraken. It then creates its burrow and begins its life.

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