Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Egret Crab - Nicholas M.

The Egret Crab is a creature that lives in some of greatest depths of the ocean. It has long legs that bend back giving it a very strange appearance. It has adapted like this to support itself on the ocean floor. Its body resembles an egret with its long neck. Coming out of its body are two skinny arms with claws on the end that it uses to catch its favorite meal, the Shelled Scuttler. On its long neck it has a small head with eight eyes. It has a long beak also similar to egrets for stabbing and eating. Its main diet the Shelled Scuttler is always the prey of these crabs for they refuse to eat anything else. The crab uses its claws to snap off all of the Scuttler’s tentacles. Then it sticks its beak inside and drinks the Scuttler like a smoothie. It is truly a fierce predator.

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