Friday, August 9, 2013

Sharp the shark by Orion D.

Hi I’m Sharp the shark.

 One day I was swimming at Surfside when I saw an injured fish. I went for it. I bit it and then suddenly a net dropped on me. It lifted me up and dropped me in a room full of water. The room was in a submarine! When I was swimming around in the room I heard a snide voice say, “set course for Nantucket. ’’ A high pitched voice said, “yes, sir.” We started going back to Nantucket. When we got there we started flying like a helicopter to town. When we got to town the snide voice said,  “they will be scared and then business will be booming.” They dropped me in the door frame of the Sea Dog . It started to rain. The storm drains got clogged. The water rushed up to me and I swam away.     As for the criminals, the cops caught them.

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