Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blackberries by Henry F.

Henry F.
-Black berries are not a true fruit but a aggregate fruit
-The black berry flowers are produced in late spring and early summer the flowers are 2-3 cm wide
-Many things like to eat the leaves of blackberries such as caterpillars and mammals like deer
-The actual blackberry fruit grows grows around June in the South and July in North
-Through the course of time lots of diseases were believed to be cured with blackberries such as the ancient Greeks who thought the berries were a cure for a sore throat and the soldiers who fought in the civil war used the blackberries as a cure for dysentery.
                          Blackberry storage methods and picking tips
-Blackberries are ripe when they are dark black, come off the vine easily and are plump; don’t pick the berries unless they are black because they will not ripen anymore.
-If you have a bucket and you stack the blackberries more than five inches the blackberries will bruise so use different buckets.
-If you are picking in a field try to leave your blackberries in the shade
-If you wash blackberries they will spoil quickly so don't wash until you are ready to eat them.
-Blackberries spoil in a week in the fridge they will lose color, flavor and will shrivel up.
-If you want to freeze blackberries wash them off, dry them off and put them in a airtight bag and freeze them
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