Friday, August 9, 2013

Subject - Earth Creatures by Nicholas M.

Occupation-Asparugian scientist
Date            26-74-6N9
Location-Sector 5897-Milky way galaxy-Earth
Subject-Earth creatures

          Hello fellow Asparugians.  For todays lesson on earth creatures I am documenting the strange and terrifying Yellow Tounged Jimlob. This earth creature has a very odd way of catching its prey. It first wills creatures to pick it up and put it into a container. It then releases oil into this container that has very odd properties and affects the brain. Finally it uses its mind control once again to make its prey place this substance it creates into their ear. This obviously implies it is taking over their brain. After it does this, the earth creature apparently develops a strange attachment to the lowest creature on the earth food chain the Spectrum Swirled Freeze Slime. The freeze slime makes its home in a white exoskeleton with a tab on top for easy opening. Strange that the freeze slime has evolved to be easier to open.  The only known creature that that the jimlob has taken over is the Blue Horned Deranged Junior, which most believe to be an incredibly foolish being as it has been seen hitting its fellow deranged juniors with sticks and giving other earthly life forms the wrong names. Such as, calling the jimlob Saint John and the freeze slime Italian ice. As you can see earth has a remarkable ecosystem that I will give you more lessons on later through the year. 

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