Friday, August 9, 2013

Silver Side by Nicholas M.

The salt marsh is a very nice place. I am an silver side that lives in this marsh. It is very safe for any fish that wants to live in here. There are crabs and other fish at the school of fish I live in. I was at school one day and we were learning about how to flee from predators then I hear a thump a huge foot that appeared behind us. I really hate these feet always interrupting class, and for what? They never catch us anyway. So I quickly swam off thinking of how boring this was.
Then I felt a strange thing on my face I kept trying to swim but I couldn’t go anywhere. I shouted for help but I realized every other fish was in this predicament too. Then I looked back and the walls had already closed then, in a rush of air we were out of the water.

Struggling to breathe I held on to my consciousness but I passed out. I woke up to “I think it’s dead.” I felt water around me and I realized that now was my time to escape. I swam off thinking “wow those feet are so dumb that they put me back in water.” It seemed too good to be true. Sadly it was, I hit my head on the glass and realized I was in a tank. At first I thought it would be torture but after a while it turned out to be great. The feet feed us and take care of us. All in all I am very glad that I got to live in this tank.

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