Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Day with Raymond

Henry F.
Junior Ranger
My Day with Raymond
Today at the field station Raymond and I got to play drums; then Swegen came downstairs with another dog and they played.  We stopped playing drums because we didn't want the dogs eating the sticks.  After playing drums, Raymond and I went kayaking around the pond. Kayaking was really fun and we got to see all the wildlife that interacts with the pond.  We saw lots of animals such as black crown night heron, spiders, grasshoppers, different color dragonflies and red wing blackbirds.  We then went to the garage had snack and wrote about our day so far in our journals while waiting for people to come for the walk.  No one came.

  Since no one showed up for the walk Raymond, Lenny and I go seining. We catch little killies, small striped bass, and fair sized silversides. Seining is when you take a net and two people hold each end of the net, they drag the net across the bottom of the water and then bring each end of the net together.  We, then, walk through the marsh back to the lab where we put the fish in the harbor water tank.  Later, we go free swimming for 20 minutes. Raymond and I try to dunk Lenny but it does not work.  After swimming it is time to go  home, but before I leave Lenny tells me to write about my day from the start to finish.  

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