Monday, August 5, 2013

Pond Kraken Pt. two

After further research we have discovered more about the abilities of the pond kraken. The pond kraken can make every part of its body except the turtles on the tips of its tentacles invisible. In the case of the pond kraken doing this it can only be seen by looking through a stone that has had a hole put through it by natural causes. This natural phenomenon is called a seeing stone. The krakens eyes have the odd ability to see chitinous material, which makes up our nails as a glowing structure helping it identify toes. When it is ready to eat it turns itself upside down so its tentacles are pointing up and it moves them around to search for toes. To dig this hole it uses the tongue on the top of its head. It scoops up dirt in its tongue pulls it inside of itself and ejects it through a vent in the side of it head that is also used for respiration.

          The turtles on the end of its tentacles do a very amazing thing. After eating 3-6 toes it snaps off and becomes an entirely separate life form. A new turtle then starts growing as a bud and renders the tentacle useless until it matures. This is all the information we have at present.

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