Friday, July 4, 2014

Training Day by Orion D.

Training Day
July 2, 2014

Today I trained a new junior ranger named Clyde. The first thing we did was go on a little walk. On our way I told him some stories like when we caught a little snake and the year when we made deer fly traps. I also told him the name of plants. Then we went off the road and onto the path. The first thing I did was showed him the little stream that went to the pond. I showed him the geocache, which was a plastic rock with a bottom on it. Inside there is a field station necklace, a pencil, and a little pad where you can write your name when you find it. As we kept walking I showed him a place every junior ranger should hang out in once in a while. To get there you have to go down a deer path and then you find yourself in a little deer home which is like a canopy of branches with a huge rock in there. The rock is perfect to sit and read or hang out and talk.

Then we went out and went to the field of sumac. I showed him the Osprey nest. We kept walking to the sandplain grassland. I told him about how it is an endangered habitat and how there is only a couple miles of it left and Nantucket has a lot of it. Then we went back to the garage and saw that Lenny had a group that we would lead. Lenny told us to help him with the nets and asked me to show Clyde how to shave grass. When we got to the marsh we got the D nets and went right in and I showed him how to shave the grass. This means collecting the shrimp off the grass.

After that we crossed over to the little island. We saw a moon jelly and picked it up. We checked it out and put it back in the water. Then we went back into the marsh and sat in the marsh talking.

After the walk we had lunch and talked about what happened during the day. Clyde had to share the stories I told and I was asked about the questions Clyde had. The other junior rangers had to share what they didn’t know or had forgotten and remembered that day.

Then we got to take a dip in the ocean and when we returned our parents were there to pick us up. 

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