Thursday, July 17, 2014

Recipe For Crab Jelly - Nicholas M.

                                                                             Junior Rangers

Recipe For Crab Jelly

What you need:
·       Two dozen green crabs
·       Two Buckets
·       Rock or sledgehammer

Crab Jelly is a delicacy that is loved by all eels and the occasional Lenny. The recipe is very simple and can be made by anyone. Once you have gathered two dozen green crabs you must place them all in one of the buckets. Then take either your rock or hammer. And then you SMASH THE CRABS INTO A PULP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure to keep lots of the crunchy bits to give it a good texture. Then you use the second bucket to vomit into because you will definitely feel sick when you are done. Once you have finished the jelly you can feel free to do anything you want with it because everything is always better if you add crab jelly. It can be used as normal jelly, window cleaner, fuel, a light source, a mode of transportation, a knockout gas, or as shampoo.

This Recipe is in memory of the many crabs that died to bait an eel trap

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