Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Story as a Seagull- Clyde K.

One day, I decided to live at the Field Station, and I already lived really close to it so it was very easy to get there. When I arrived, the first thing I saw was a buffet! Tons and tons of crabs waiting to be eaten! I could just hear them talking from my position. “Them traps are ready. Good thing. ‘e’s a comin’, I hear ‘um,” said a gruff voice. “W-w-we’re trying t-to make more holes”, said a scared voice. I could tell something was going on around here. I flew down and landed with a thud. “THEEEEGULLL! RUUUN!” a crab said. “No, you fools!” another one said rudely. “ATTACK!”. I swiftly bit a Fiddler Crab and tossed it, but ten more pinched me. “Yeow!”, I said. I looked around to see at least 200 Fiddler crabs, 20 of which riding Green Crabs, 5 Horseshoe crabs, 30 Blue crabs, and 10 Lady Crabs, all of which with snapping pinchers. At least it looks tasty, I figured. But, how would I handle them all?! They were closing in fast, faster than I could believe! Crabs grabbed my feet, disabling flight. Just then, a giant rope came around me! Would I survive? To be continued…  

Seagull Story part 2- Clyde K.

I, a seagull, struggling against a few crabs, normally would've been embarrassed, but, these crabs had me tied to a rock with a sharp rock on my neck. Also, they were putting a makeshift gag on my mouth when suddenly there was an earthquake! RUUUN! a dull voice sounded. AAAH, many crabs screamed and ran into underground houses. BOOM,BOOM,BOOM,BOOM went the giant thing. 

Panicking, I bit the ropes off and hid for my life! A tribe of multicolored monsters emerged! Hmm, that's funny, there are usually crabs here,one remarked. Huh, GEE Lenny, I thought you, like, KNEW crabs and stuff we're here,a rude giant said. A few crabs peeked out of their holes, then yelled ATTACK! 

To be continued (again)

I never knew my dinner would try to attack a mob of giants. “That’s it, swarm!”, a crab said as they ran past the giant in front. They were trying to sneak to the back and then pinch. Meanwhile, the first giant said, “These are fiddler crabs and they-OWWW!”. “I got him!”, a confident voice sounded. “Huh, GEE Lenny, I thought they didn’t pinch.”, said the rude giant.

 A small group of chuckling crabs went towards the third giant, a hyperventilating guy. “AAAAAHHH!”, went the guy. “GEE, be QUIET, Chad”, said rude giant. “Oops. Sorry.”, Chad mumbled. “Ow!”, yelped a littler giant being pinched. I knew I needed to do something, but what? To be continued (last time)…

I, a seagull, don’t legally own any land; I borrow this place. Knowing the giants let me live here, I decided to help my huge landlords.

Quickly, I grabbed an unsuspecting Blue Crab. “Hey!”, he said, groping at me with sharp pinchers. “Hey, that seagull’s going to eat it!”, a smaller giant said. Even though I was grabbing crabs and tossing them, with the fast and strong giants running and kicking, I knew the crabs would win. Some of the small, agile ones pinched my wing and I fell. Hermit crabs had the advantage because they always hid when I tried to get them. “Huh, GEE Lenny, I thought you, like, KNEW crabs weren’t hostile like this.”, said rude giant while flicking away crabs.

“Uh, that’s not right.”, said the giant called Lenny. “RETREAT!!!”, said Chad the giant. As the giants ran, the crabs went home. “Darn, we need to go,”, said a Fiddler Crab solemnly. I think I’ll just go back to where I came from. So, that’s why you shouldn’t go to the Field Station if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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