Thursday, July 24, 2014

a Day in the Marsh: from the Perspective of the Missing Eel Trap (it grew legs)

I had finally got my legs back. It takes HOURS, and I would have been done yesterday except Lenny’s nephew Ben stirred me up. I suppose I should just be glad he was heronbrained enough to put me back in the water and not take me back to Lenny. Then I might be delayed a whole day, or even two.The legs are the hardest part though, so I’m glad that’s over.  My arms should only take about a half an hour more. While I’m waiting for them to finish, I take a moment to examine my new legs. They’re not what a human would call pretty, but I love them. The toes are webbed, to help me swim with more force, and I suspect my fingers will be the same, and my skin is the same mottled greenish brown as the marsh mud, to camouflage with the mussel beds. I feel my fingers forming and grin. I expect it to take about three more minutes. Once my arms have finished forming, I ‘ll be able to move while my organs form. As long as I get going before Lenny sends Junior Rangers out to collect the traps, I will be safe from captivity. I look at one of my hands, and see the finishing touches to it happening. My fingers taper slightly, and then it’s over. I feel a cool rush into my body. Now that my outside is finished, the spell turns to my interior.And just in time, too. I sneak a peek at my above water surroundings and I see a red kayak with two people in it slowly gliding around the corner towards me.

I start to panic. If they catch me now, this will all have been for nothing. I’ve got to get out of here before they see me and take me out of the marsh. As stealthily as I can, I pull my buoy under the surface so that I don’t look like I belong to them and stir up the dark, gooey mud under me so that I look ancient and undisturbed. I hear them draw to a halt and discuss whether or not to pull me in, and I send a silent prayer to the Swamp Gods above for them to ignore me and continue the search and miss me. I uncross my fingers in relief when they eventually paddle away. I shake myself out and find my way to a part of the marsh that I know they won’t come into, and settle into the safe, dark mud to finish my developement. I refuse to be caught.    


by Molly A.      

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