Sunday, July 6, 2014

The short life of a green crab by Nick D.

The short life of a green crab

One day, I (my name is Charlie, and I am an invasive green crab), couldn't find a blue crab for breakfast, so I traveled around the marsh hoping to find something. I did. Although what I found looked like a trap there was… HOT DOGS, so I crawled into the trap to find more of my crab friends, and they were saying “DON'T COME IN it's a trap!” But I didn't listen to them so I climbed in and started eating HOT DOGS when I realized it was a trap! I didn't see where I came in! So I tried to sleep for the little bit of life left for me but I didn't know that this was it. When I woke up I was being taken out of the trap. I was free! I tried to run away from the giant animals that were talking in a weird language but they caught me and I said “put me down!” but they didn't hear me. They let me go and lifted up their foot and it started coming down on me. And then…


To Be Continued?

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