Friday, August 14, 2015

The First Day on the Job by David L.

The First Day on the Job
By: David  L.

  My sister Elizabeth and I were going to meet Lenny at the field station but had a little trouble because we haven’t even been on the island for 24 hours yet.  Our hearts were pumping in a hard way and we were late so we had a quick talk and left for the nature walk.  We started off slow and eventually got fast, our brains felt that they were struck by a bolt of knowledge.  I picked up the nets and we slowly walked to the bathtub.  We brought out the seining net and then it happened, clone Godzilla’s rose from the salt water marsh and came to the net , we all ran to shop and hid in Lenny’s closet.   We got out 3 hours later and went home and everything was all right.  It was the best first day on the job.

The End…


  1. Can't wait to go on an adventure with you !!

  2. Hi David! It sounds like you had a tough day on the new job. What a great article. I miss you and hope you guys are having an awesome time. See you soon. Xoxo

    Mrs. Wade