Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Raymond 3 - Raymond M.

Beware, beware of the witches hair 
it is everywhere, because its alway there
with its gooey feel and no appeal, to ever touch it again,
its black look and polluted feel
it's disgusting, like a rotted banana peel.

Slowly gliding over the dew covered grass
the water like glass, for the sun has just awakened
the white bird walks to the waters edge, to search for its next meal
a killifish swims by, but none follow
the Egret will soon swallow
the fish knows nothing of his given fate
for there's no time, it is to late!
Shhhhhh... you can almost hear it, the peace and calm
No frogs or dogs or birds in the trees,
no buzzing or splashing or anything
that's the sound that you never hear
because the world never sleeps
but on the rare occassion no one peeps
so remember the sound that no one hears.

By Raymond

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