Thursday, August 27, 2015

End of Summer - PARTY!

David and Elizabeth assist Elway with the harvest of this years sumac crop.  Time to make the tea.

Rourke is first to the party, he heard their would be pizza.

Bob is next, he was privy to the same information.

Ono, Beck, and Sunny.


The party can begin the cool kids have arrived.

David's first reaction to Sophie T's pizza.

We even had popcorn.

It was at this moment when something shifted in our gravitation field 

Order restored

We honored Avacado as our Jr. Ranger of the Year - F
Clyde (absent due to sickness) won the whacking stick - B

The tea came out awesome.

That desert was the bomb, everybody wants the recipe Sunny.

My favorite pic of the day.

We want to mention Molly, Eliza, Thomas and Gigi, Nick, and Nicholas, and Clyde unable to attend and missed.  We want to thank the parents, everyone who visited us this year.  Thank you Dr. O for letting us work for you and a better world to live in.

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