Friday, August 14, 2015

My First Junior Ranger Day by Elizabeth L.

It was a bright sunny day. My dad, brother and I were driving to the UMass field station. When we got to the office nobody was there. Then we headed down to the beach. That’s where Lenny was. We were having a talk about how being a Junior Ranger was going to be a job, when we heard something. We turned around there was nothing. So we finished our talk and went to get the 10:00 walk. As we were walking along the beach we heard the same sound we heard earlier. But we kept walking. We got to the Bathtub (the marsh) and just as we were about to go catch crabs we heard the sound again. And again. We kept hearing it. Then we saw something in the water. Then when the group got into the water something started rising from the water. We finally got a clear view of it. It was The Loch Ness Monster! We were all so scared. He started coming up on land and we ran out of the marsh and onto to the beach and we took a break from running and then we saw him running towards us. We kept running and running. He was too fast for us and he scooped us up. He had a very tight grip. We felt like choke cherries and his arms wrapped around us like Virginia creeper. We tried to wiggle out but it didn’t work. We saw Lenny around the corner coming to save us. He had a golden rod and freed us. It got us free. Then we started running again. We all turned around and saw that he was getting hit by a bunch of little boys. Even though he had strangled us it wasn’t right for those boys to be hitting him. We went over and told the boys to stop. They did and they ran away. We helped the Loch Ness Monster up and he said “Thank you”. He told us his name. It was Foggy. He told us he was chasing us because he wanted to be friends. We offered him a bowl of black berries and a glass of Milk Weed. And I will never forget this day as long as I live.

The End


  1. How clever !!! Glad you made I out alive!!

  2. Hello Elizabeth. What an awesome story! It sounds like you guys are having a ball. See you soon! XOXO

    Mrs. Wade