Monday, August 4, 2014

Why You Bugging? by Len

Sit down to sketch
That which is framed
By the mood you’re 

Around the shoreline
Manmade pond

A moment or two before sunrise
Avian murmur aligns with the spinning hum of the
Almost syncopated not quite rock and roll

The morning light reveals flags unfurled
Hundreds of spider webs dappled
Dew and insect

Box on a pole
With a hole
At water’s edge

Babies stuffed like Cannoli  
Beaks smearcaked with bug bits

By midmorning all but one will fledge
Out of the frying pan and
So it goes

Blue and white
A tree sparrow
Wings its way straight at you

A Cormorant
Great and Snowy Egrets perched

Circles in the sand
At water’s edge
Blue Gills nesting
Deer Fly


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