Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Silence in the marsh by Beck B.

      After mucking about in the marsh I kayaked out into a corner of the pond.
I stopped, put my head back and listened to the many sounds of the field station. 
The rustling of the grasses, the call of the egret,
The sounds of planes flying overhead.
The whistling wind, the ripple of water, 
And as I lay there, the warm sun ran up my body and sent me into a period of deep relaxation.
It's times like this when you can forget all the negative thoughts and troubles of everyday life and let the water hold you. 
And I was in this period for a long time, until I heard a familiar sound from Flano.
"Becky G singing in the shower! Dancing in the mirror!"
That's not a relaxing sound and it brought me back, but if you need a place of retreat then just find a quiet spot and lie for a bit. It grounds you in the most relaxing way possible. 
But we all have our Flanos.

Flano with glove on head.

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