Monday, August 25, 2014

1st day re-cap by Macknoodle

On my first day as a Jr. Ranger I arrived at 9am.   Mom  wrote  her  phone  number  in  my  journal  in case  of  an  emergency.  Then, Claire arrived.  After Claire, Anjali and Sonia came.
We all went on a walk with Len. Anjali and Sonia lead the walk.  We saw lots of plants and Len helped us identify some of the plants.

After our walk we drew pictures of what we did and funny things.  I drew a pictures of my brother Henry eating poison ivy.

After we drew pictures, Len told us to go down to the beach and collect shells.
Len snuck up on us on the beach and looked at the shells.

We went back to the garage and ate snacks.  After snacks we went back to the beach to swim.
Our moms came to pick us up at 1 o'clock and we went home.

My first day at the Field Station was awesome.

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