Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Wild Lenny Poem #2 by Clyde K.

   I’m driving in a car
surviving oh so far
with a Wild Leonard chasing me
and Deer Flies in a jar.

  I’m going oh so quick
but I think I have a tick
so I mess up and itch my arm
and swerve with great alarm.

  I skid now to the right
Leonard creeping through the night
I express great fright
as off a cliff I begin flight.

  The car lands on a beach
it now has a breach
by the Wild Leonard creeping in
and clawing at my shin.

  It wants Italian Ice
so I try to be nice
and give him a pack
as I scramble to the back.

  I finally break through
and to myself say “Whew!”
and give a great big cheer

‘cause I’ll live another year.

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