Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Field studies

Mosquito Control Specialist Emily Hibbard shows GiGi and Anjali how to sort the data she's collected.  It is pretty cool once you get into it but hearing that they'd be sorting bugs sounded like something they might not be so interested in.  5 minutes with Emily changes all that.  Emily is excited by the work she does, she makes a very strong, positive impression. The ladies leave saying bugs are fascinating and Emily is awesome. 

Swegen takes the Tuesday Jr Ranger crew of Orion, Raymond, and Clyde for a walk in the marsh. They are searching for noy's and I'm sure they found them.

Could be a good year for grapes.

What's in the flower?

Vincent and Raffe, visited the field station with their dad on Monday.  They came to look for the geocache.  They found the deer flies or should we say they found them!  Raymond, Beck, and I found these guys running for their lives from Sonia's favorite place at the FS (not) right next to Folgers marsh. We knew that they would be interested in our deer fly hats  We chatted a bit and we invited them back on Tuesday to take a walk with us.  

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