Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rain Pt. 1 by Orion D.

I woke up to the screaming of my little sister  "It rained last night.And it's still raining."
"What? Still raining?"
"What time did it start?"
"Around Nine"
 I ran downstairs and looked out the window.
The ocean had risen.
I yelled to my sister "Get mom and dad up"
"It's a flood"

Pt. 2

My little sister came tearing down the stairs.
"What?" she asked 
"I said to wake mom and dad up."
"Because I told you to!"
"Who made you the boss of me?!"
"Just do it.Its life or death!"
I hear her shaking mom and dad. 
"Conor wants to talk to you."
I hear grumbling as my mom gets out of bed.
"What is it Conor?"
"Theres a flood"
She looks out the window then called to my dad.
"Jackson get the kids to the roof"
My dad jumped out of bed and  picked my sister up and told me to follow.I followed obediently behind him.He opened the skylight and pushed me through.Then my sister.Then he called down to mom 
"I got them in.Come on."
"I'll be right there."
My dad pulled himself out into the howling wind and wiping rain…
[To be continued…..]
My mother ran up the stairs and accepted a hand up onto the roof from my father. "Are you ok?"asked my sister Sophia? "Fine" said my mom "Ok good" said Sophia.
"Uhh HELLO.We are on the roof of the house. And Buster our dog is still inside” I said. “I’ll go get him”said my dad. “Ok but be safe” said my mom.“I’ll try” said dad. And without another word he dove into the flooded house.
15 minutes had gone by when we heard my dad scream. My mother immediately dove into the flood to get him. My sister and I screamed seeing Mom dive in after dad. After what seemed like forever our mom and dad came back. Dad pulled himself out onto the roof. I heard a splash behind my mother and saw a shape cutting through the water.It was a Water Moccasin!  And it was swimming towards my mom! “Mom!” I yelled ”there's a snake behind you!” “What?!?!?!”Asked my mother. “Behind you! Get out now!”I shrieked “Jackson help me” my mother cried.

My dad reached into the water and pulled her out. Just in time!The snake jumped up at her feet.She swung out of the way. After a couple of minutes  the snake was still there but was now joined by 10 others.They had something that they were biting.The water turned red and foamy.
“What is it?!?!”Screamed my sister. “It's only our steak that we had on the grill.”I said. Suddenly I heard the engine of a plane roaring off in the distance getting closer by the second.
I screamed in joy.We would be saved!!!!

[To be continued,again]

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