Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thursday, July 2 by Clyde K.

          Orion, Raymond, and I were the only Junior Rangers at the Field Station. We were in the water almost all day! In the tidal inlet, we found 2 blue crabs, a male and a female. They were clawing at each other and Raymond had to separate them. The male one lost an arm to the female’s pincher.

Next, we went kayaking. Orion went in a 1-person kayak, and Raymond and I took a 2-person kayak. We picked a yellow two seater, but there was a little gray mouse running around inside! Lenny dumped it out and I decided it was safe to go in.

We pushed them into the pond and jumped in. We played a game in which Orion, Raymond, and I took turns chasing and capturing each other. I was Raymond’s “lieutenant”.

Then, we helped lead a tour. Three kids named Sam, Will, and Aiden came for the tour. Sam and Will are brothers, and I go to school with Aiden. Then, we tried to seine with no luck. We tried in the inlet and beach, but still caught almost nothing. We caught a few Silversides and Killifish, though. To get back out, we went through the marsh. The people on the tour left afterwards.

Finally, we ate Italian Ice and went to the beach until our parents came.

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