Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nick Day One

            Nicholas M.

                                                                             Junior Rangers

          The first day back at Junior Rangers was wonderful. The Junior Rangers that I had been working with for the first day were Raymond, Anjali, and Sonya. For the fist day I was checking traps the majority of the time. But before that we had to check the beach to get rid of any seaweed that had washed up. While we were wandering along the beach we saw a gigantic swarm of hermit crabs. After that we went to check the eel traps.  The first trap was on the trail you go down to enter the field station. When we lifted the trap out of the water we found a baby snapping turtle. The next trap was much harder to reach since it was out at the end of the saltmarsh. Raymond and me would have to take the kayaks to reach the trap. After a long kayak ride we found the trap and lifted it up out of the water. It had trapped a crab, a fish, and most importantly an eel. When we had brought the trap back to land Lenny opened it to show what it had caught to some people who were visiting Nantucket. We got rid of the crab and put the eel in a tube so we could determine its length. Then we had to bring the trap all the way back into the salt marsh. After that we went back to the beach for some fun. I spent my time on the beach by digging a hole that was constantly caving itself in over and over. Then when the time to leave came I packed up everything I had brought that day and went home. The first day of Junior Rangers was very successful.

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