Friday, June 27, 2014

A great first day

My day at the Field Station, Thursday June 26, 2014, by Nick D.

First I was driven to the Field at 9:30 am to be greeted with Lenny and Molly.
Then Lenny asked us to paddle out on the canoe and kayak and set some eel traps and told us how they work. After we were done setting the traps and taking pictures we went back to Lenny and he told us to go to the marsh. When we were at the marsh I got on a single kayak an Eliza and Molly took a double. It took about five minutes to get Eliza and Molly in the water on their kayak. After we were done getting everybody in the water we went to get an eel trap in which I found out how slow Eliza and Molly are when they kayak together.

After we got the trap and went back to Lenny we had lunch. I had some bread and butter pickles from Lenny. After lunch we took Lenny’s dog to the beach. After that we finished the day off with separating moths and mosquitoes for a test.  It was a great first day!

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