Friday, June 27, 2014

Be it Zombie Apocalypse - by Sawyer P.

Being a Junior Ranger would be a great experience.  I would like to be a part of the UMass Field Station on Nantucket.  I would like to be a Jr. Ranger because I am interested in science and the natural world.  Flora and fauna are both so amazing.  The way animals and place interact with each other and their habitat compels me.  The Field Station is full of life, life I would like to explore.
            Another thing that intrigues me is plant remedies.  Natural medicines, in my opinion, are a good thing to know.  There are a lot of plants with medicinal uses at the Field Station, many of which I don't know.  I suspect that being a Junior Ranger would bring many of these plants to my attention. In the long run this would help with wilderness survival.  Be it Zombie Apocalypse or plane crash, it would help.
            I hope to be a Junior Ranger, and expand my knowledge of the natural world.

Sawyer P.

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