Friday, July 6, 2012

         Fiddler Crabs by Anjali

       “Oww!!!” A male Fiddler crab just pinched me. We were catching Fiddler crabs to make a Fiddler crab tank. We only caught Sand Fiddler crabs, not Mud Fiddler crabs.
                 There is a unique way of catching Fiddler crabs. If you were trying to catch a Fiddler crab, and it fled into its hole, right where the tunnel goes left or right, North or South, or just straight down, you put your hand in the sand and block the tunnel. Then you push up and the Fiddler crab pops up and you get another chance to chase it.
                 After we caught the Fiddler crabs, we went for a little swim. I got dunked a couple of times and then we started to head back. When we got back to the laboratory, we pour both the sand and the Fiddler crabs into what used to be the tank of…  DOOM!!!!!!!!! We caught about 20 Fiddler crabs, out of a million and a half. That was pretty fun!!!

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