Thursday, July 12, 2012

Acrostic Poems

After lunch our Jr Rangers take a half an hour or so to review our mornings work.  Storytelling and songs, sometimes poetry are part of the process.  Here are a few of the Acrostic poems that came out of yesterday's after lunch discussion.  

Marsh fiddler crab fiddles,fiddles around the marsh to dig,dig out a nice little home in the sweet Marsh.  

A Marsh is where marsh fiddler crabs fiddle around and flies buzz,buzz,buzz.

Return to their homes that are holes in the marsh, the marsh fiddler crabs hide from Godzilla with plastic feet.

Salt pan is the lowest point in the marsh, where flies lay their eggs and where marsh fiddler crab waits for a snack.

High in the sky the fiddler crab fiddles around, and falls down,down,down to be food for flying monsters



Flying high
An amazing bird
Landing gracefully
Caging them is wrong
On and on they go flying in circles looking for pray
None should kill them


Domesticated wolves
Outrageously cute
Got to get one
So adorable



Fiddling Fiddler crabs fiddle together
Identify by big or small claws, which snap prey
Digging their small but long holes just to get moister so they can breath
Doodling in the sand, we step on them
Liking one and another is not why they stick together, they together for a less chance of being eaten by predators 
Every day, more are getting born, more are growing, and more are dying
Remembering them reminds us of crabs, and crabs remind me of green crabs that we squish

Crazy as we know it, it only has enough smarts to get by the day
Remaining in their holes, we cannot find them
A crab is a crab, and all crabs have something in common
Being out in their habitat they like, but when captured easily die
Serving is their duty, and they know it well. Fiddler crabs live on.



 Catbird, catbird flying in the sky
Another bird comes along
They are both happy together

Both of them are catbirds
I think they are beautiful together
Really cool together
Doing their thing

They are awesome


Great sharks
Really big
Eats seals
An aggressive shark
To cool

White on its belly
High on the food chain
On the most aggressive shark list
To wet
Engage with sharks

Some sharks lay eggs
High in protein
Are cool
R predators
Kills animals


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