Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Haiku Nature Walk Poems from The Lighthouse School

Thank you to Lindsey Toft. and her students from the Lighthouse School.  I enjoyed our Haiku Nature Walk. These poems are terrific and your group is great fun.


Water streaming fast
Running from higher places
Wind whistling through trees.
  -Hannah G.

Wind is very loud
Bringing leaves up off the ground
High up in the sky.
  -James T.

Cold, Silent, Noisy
Like a swampy circus show
It is so alive.
  -Anya M.

Wind blowing through the trees
water lapping by the pond
birds chirp in the breeze.
  --Mae B.

Wind goes through the trees
A brook flows slowly beneath
Cedar rots and falls.
  -Isaiah W.

"The Treesplosion"
Water falls on the tree
tree can't take it anymore
it explodes and falls
  -Beck B.

Depends on the cheese
It can be very tasty
Depends on the cheese.
  -Zion G.

The wind blows in trees
Blows them up with a gun shot
that sounds loud in the woods.
 -Harrison R.

Tree, wind, rain, and snow
swoosh around us coldly burr
The trees keep us warm
  -Abby T.

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